The Nurzhol Boulevard

The central pedestrian road known as the ‘Nurzhol’ Boulevard stretches approximately 1.5 kilometers. During the summer, this boulevard is adorned with beautiful flowers and features delightful ice cream stands. Along its length, you’ll encounter a diverse collection of sculptures and remarkable works of art. These include traditional nomadic depictions of horsemen, archers, and individuals playing musical instruments. Also, throughout the surrounding area of Kazakhstan, you’ll discover futuristic art pieces featuring animals like flamingos, saiga, and snow leopards. At the end of the boulevard, there is a circular area housing a fountain at its center. This charming town square comprises both residential and administrative buildings, as well as various dining options. Here, you can indulge in traditional Kazakh cuisine, as well as Italian, Georgian, and Japanese delicacies. The prominent structure in this area is the grand administrative complex of KazMunaiGaz, which boasts a distinctive rose-gold color. In the heart of the square, a tall archway beckons pedestrians towards the enchanting “lover’s park” and the Khan Shatyr Entertainment Center.

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