Indulge in the Apple Delight of Almaty!

Did you know that Almaty, known as the “Father of Apples,” is where modern apples originated? Discover the fascinating history of this city’s connection to this beloved fruit. In fact, the former name of Almaty, Alma-Ata, literally translates to “Father of Apples” in Kazakh. The lush, wild apple forests around the region were the birthplaces of numerous apple cultivars that we enjoy today.

Want to explore the wilderness where these apples originated? Venture into the untamed beauty of the wild apple forests near Almaty. However, finding these orchards can be challenging, so we recommend hiring a guide to lead you to this hidden gem.

Almaty takes immense pride in its apple heritage, and you’ll notice the city’s strong association with this delectable fruit. Look around, and you’ll find numerous symbols adorning the streets, parks, and even buildings, paying homage to Almaty’s apple legacy.

To truly savor the apple experience, make sure to treat yourself to the local apples when you visit Almaty. The Green Bazaar is a hub of vibrant colors and enticing aromas, offering a delightful array of fresh, juicy apples. Take a bite into the succulent flavors that come straight from the nearby orchards, and let the sweet tang of Almaty’s apples dance on your taste buds.

Immerse yourself in the charm of Almaty’s apple culture, from its history to its vibrant present, and experience the magic of the fruit that has deep roots in this city’s soul.

If you need any further assistance or have other inquiries, feel free to let me know. Enjoy your apple-filled adventure in Almaty!

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